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There’s a reason that Arizona is widely viewed as still being the Old West. Outside of the little patches of developed, comfortable civilization, stands vast parcels of land that are completely dedicated to being wild. You can wander out of the town limits and set your eyes on an Arizona sunset that’s studded with cactus, towering distant peaks, rich, brown desert dirt and unique vegetation that makes everything seem more like an old Hollywood movie than reality.

We know, better than anyone, just how astonishing our vistas are, which is why we’re crafting a special adventure package so that you can experience the wonders of our natural habitat here in Scottsdale.

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Is the Adventure Package Right For You?

  • You love new experiences
  • You’re enchanted by the desert
  • You want a taste of Scottsdale
  • You like adrenaline
  • You’re ready to experience the city and the desert
  • You appreciate natural and man-made beauty
  • You’re ready for an adventure

Our brand new Adventure Package is a totally unique way to experience Scottsdale and the desert that enfolds the city. The Adventure Package features several distinct sections of the tour that allow you to get to know the culture and natural beauty of the area better. This is the perfect way to spend your family vacation on your first or second day of your visit, but it’s also an excellent way to explore parts of the city you didn't know.

We recommend this tour heartily for birthday celebrations, bachelor and bachelorette parties, corporate events, family reunion parties, and other events as it combines laid-back activities as well as heart racing adventure for a well-rounded experience.

First, we’ll begin the tour with a segway cruise around the picturesque and exciting Old Town Scottsdale neighborhood. Full of shops and scenery, you’ll be able to see the full culture of Scottsdale unfold before your very eyes. Then, your tour guide will take you on a guided tour where you can explore 30 different points of interest in Old Town for about an hour and a half.

The Arizona sunset is something you have to experience in the desert. The stunning water painting of colors makes the sky and landscape into something from a movie. This is why the desert adventure portion of our tour takes place in a capable off-roading Jeep while you explore the stunning natural beauty of the seemingly harsh Scottsdale desert. We’ll race through trails that web throughout the Sonoran desert.

You’ll get to discover the amazingly hearty fauna and flora that carpet the desert floor as we explore rough and tumble trails in the Tonto National Forest. This portion of your adventure will even be complimented by a stop for a cold, tasty craft beer.

Start exploring the very best the Scottsdale area has to offer with an incredible adventure that’s based on the beautiful culture of our little desert town that’s grown into a bustling city. Book your adventure today.

Experience breathtaking scenery and a rigorous off-road excursion through steep slopes, narrow corridors, and rough terrain. Choose a daytime, sunset, or an evening night vision goggle excursion.

Come shoot from our armory! No experience necessary. Choose from a selection of popular military and law enforcement firearms to shoot at our certified range. Our certified range safety officers will teach you shooting basics and will supervise you through shooting drills and target practice.

Come learn basic survival skills in environments with little food and water.

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