6 Ways to Enjoy Desert Tactical Shooting with Arizona Off-Road Jeep Adventures

When it comes to finding fun things to do in Scottsdale, savvy entertainment-seekers know to turn to the beautiful outdoor spaces of the central Arizona desert, especially during the cooler winter and spring months. Among the things that Arizonans and guests to the state enjoy doing for fun? Tactical shooting courses for individuals, dates, and families.


At Arizona Off-Road Jeep Adventures, we’ve partnered with CroTown Range to provide our customers with one of the best tactical desert shooting experiences in the entire Southwest. With a wide array of firearms to choose from with each package, even the experienced shooter and gun owner can find something they look forward to trying out.


To book a tactical desert shooting experience with Arizona Off-Road Jeep Adventures, complete our online booking today to select your date and time. For an entire lineup of our firearms options, please visit our tactical shooting page.

Individual Shooting Packages

Whether you are a novice shooter looking to expand your experience with different makes and styles of firearms or an experienced shooter who simply wants to break up the monotony of practice shooting with your self-defense sidearm, Arizona Off-Road Jeep Adventures has something for you. From classic military hardware like the 1927 A1 “Tommy” gun and M1 Garand to modern assault weapons like the AR15, MP5, and IWI Tavor, you’re certain to enjoy shooting up to four firearms from our private selection. 1 magazine or clip per weapon. Ear protection, eye protection, targets, range passes, and water are also included.

Tactical Shooting Duets

Whether you’re celebrating your little sister’s 21st birthday in your own special way by taking her to the range or looking for an exciting, unique, and memorable date night, our tactical shooting package for two supplies all of the fun and firepower you need for a one-of-a-kind experience. Place yourself head-to-head in a competition of accuracy, discipline, and control and see who comes out on top as you each take 10-shots with all four of your chosen rifles, assault rifles, or submachine guns. As with all of our group packages, range passes, ear protection, eye protection, water, and targets are included.

Tactical Shooting Quartets

The sound of four shooters hammering away at targets on the CroTown Range is music to our ears. When you and three friends or family members sign up to enjoy Arizona Off-Road Jeep Adventures’ tactical shooting experience, you’ll enjoy all of the same great perks and options as the shooting experience for pairs, but at a lower cost-per-person of only $100. There are few better ways to have fun and hone your skills with friends.


Tactical Shooting for Groups of 6

If you’re looking for a group activity for six people, what better way to stay engaged, stay off your phones, and have fun with each other than by signing up for a tactical shooting experience with Arizona Off-Road Jeep Adventures. Perfect for getting together with friends, taking the family out for a day at the range, or as a team-building exercise for your leadership group, the six-person shooting package includes six different firearms choices instead of four, increasing your number of rounds downrange by 50% at no additional cost!

Tactical Shooting for Parties of 8

If you’ve got a big enough group, then the tactical desert shooting experience for parties of eight is an incredible value. Choose up to eight of the selectable rifles, assault rifles, or submachine guns from our private inventory and take 10 shots each per rifle. That’s hours of shooting fun with your friends, 80 rounds per participant, and an unforgettable time at a great low rate. From bachelor parties to birthday parties, the Arizona Off-Road Jeep Adventures tactical shooting experience offers a good time for all.

Enhance Your Experience With an Add-on

While our packages offer great rates and options for just about any group, it’s important to us that we provide you with the option to customize your tactical shooting experience as you see fit. That’s why we offer an optional pistol package that includes 30 rounds for a Glock pistol and 15 rounds for an M1911 pistol. Additionally, you can add firearms or extra ammunition to any individual or group package for an additional cost. 

Sign Up For The Arizona Off-Road Jeep Adventures Tactical Shooting Experience Today

Arizona Off-Road Jeep Adventures’ tactical shooting experience is the perfect date, family activity, or memorable group experience you have been searching for. Book online today to reserve your preferred date and time, and let us know how we can help customize your shooting adventure with additional firearms, ammunition, or even an off-road excursion with one of our professional Jeep drivers.