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Planning your Scottsdale bachelorette or bachelor party doesn’t need to be complicated.  Our simple, flexible booking process lets you book your Jeep tour online or call us to talk with a live human and secure your reservation for your off-road adventure. We know plans can change abruptly, which is why we offer a flexible 24-hour cancellation policy. Take the stress out of planning your Scottsdale bachelorette or bachelor party itinerary by booking with Arizona Off-Road Jeep Adventures.


Are you concerned that your Jeep tour might have a potential schedule conflict in your Scottsdale bachelorette or bachelor party itinerary? No problem. Book our private Jeep tour and we can arrange to have your off-road Jeep tour departure time scheduled to leave earlier or later. Do you have a dinner appointment and only have time for a 1.5-hour Sunset Sonoran Desert Jeep Tour? No problem. We can modify your private Jeep tour route to accommodate any time constraints. Are you concerned about ordering three Ubers to take your group of 14 to our meeting location? Our private Jeep tour option includes Scottsdale resort or Airbnb pick-up and drop-off. Does our 9 a.m. – noon Jeep tour conflict with your planned brunch? Not a problem at all.  Your private Jeep tour can depart anytime that works with your busy schedule. Book a private tour and contact us ahead of time with any special instructions and we will make your bachelorette or bachelor party the most memorable experience you’ll have while here in Scottsdale.

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Our special recreation off-road permits cover the most scenic Sonoran desert trails in the Scottsdale area. Throughout your off-road adventure, there are many great locations to take breathtaking photos. Will your bachelor or bachelorette party be more interested in taking longer sightseeing routes through rigorous terrain? Or are you more interested in an Instagram photoshoot at our scenic lookout point? Or a little bit of both? Let your professional tour guide know how you want to customize your off-road experience and we will do our best to accommodate your desires and expectations.


Once you’ve got the details fleshed out and explored and the guest list in cement, you’re ready to get into the details. You’ll want to first flesh out how long the party will be going on. Our Sunset Sonoran Desert Jeep Tour ends around 6:00PM-8:30PM, depending on the time of year, which gives your Scottsdale bachelor or bachelorette the chance to start your evening off with an exhilarating off-road adventure. Is your evening itinerary already full of activities? No problem. We also offer morning and afternoon Sonoran Desert Jeep Tours.

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You’ll also need to determine what kind of party you’re throwing. Will this be a traditional bachelor or bachelorette party? Will it be raving late into the night, or does everyone have to be at work tomorrow? Would the bride or groom enjoy more off-roading, or would they prefer more opportunities to stop and take pictures? Our private tour option includes a flight of Arizona craft beer and White Claw. Is the bride or groom more of a wine person? Let us know your opinions at least a week in advance and our professional off-road tour guides will customize your bachelor or bachelorette adventure according to the vibe of the party.


As TripAdvisor’s #1 ranked outdoor activity in Scottsdale, we strive to go above and beyond to make your bachelorette or bachelor party a special experience. If you book your private Sonoran Desert Jeep Tour at least two weeks in advance, contact our operations office and we will provide a bachelorette party banner free of charge. If you have any other special requests, let us know in advance and we will do whatever we can to make your experience memorable.

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Conclude your Scottsdale bachelorette or bachelor party Jeep tour with our optional outdoor desert cookout add-on package. Through our third-party outdoor catering partner, you have the option to enjoy a ribeye steak or other classic cowboy dishes at our scenic outdoor Sonoran desert catering venue. We offer ribeye steak, chicken, burgers, cowboy beans, tortillas, salads, and more! We also have vegan options available. But, the fun doesn’t stop there! Ask about our additional cowboy game add-ons, live music and other amenities. We have limited availability, so we recommend calling (833) 827-5191 at least 2 weeks in advance to secure your optional outdoor desert cookout add-on package.


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