When it comes to outdoor fun and adventure in the great state of Arizona, nobody does it like AZ Off-road Jeep Adventures in Scottsdale. Featuring off-road Jeep tours, shooting expeditions, catered wild west dining, and more, we’ve got everything you need to explore, play, and experience the beauty and primacy of the high Arizona desert. Whether you’re looking for a JKeep tour of urban Scottsdale and the great metropolitan area or want to have a guide take you up historic highway 89-A through Prescott, Jerome, and Sedona, AZ Off-road Jeep Adventures caters to your every need. Read on to learn more, or call today to book your Jeep adventure.

  1. Experience The Desert, Unfiltered

    The Sonoran Desert has a rich background and adds to the culture of the area in Scottsdale. We’re not just another warm place to escape the cold, we’re surrounded by an incredibly unique ecosystem that has provided beauty for generations to enjoy. On our Sonoran Desert Jeep Tour, we take guests from around the world through the most scenic and rigorous desert terrain that you otherwise would n…Read More

  2. Planning Your Scottsdale Jeep Tour Bachelorette Party

    Planning your Scottsdale bachelorette or bachelor party doesn’t need to be complicated.  Our simple, flexible booking process lets you book your Jeep tour online or call us to talk with a live human and secure your reservation for your off-road adventure. We know plans can change abruptly, which is why we offer a flexible 24-hour cancellation policy. Take the stress out of planning your Scottsd…Read More

  3. Scottsdale Jeep Tours Wildlife: Gambel’s Quail

    One of the most frequently-seen animals on our Sonoran Desert Jeep Tours, and my personal favorite, are Gambel’s Quail.  When you are on one of our tours, you will be able to easily recognize the Gambel’s Quail by their “top knots” (a small, black, comma-shaped feather that dangles in front of their faces), and bluish-gray body plumage. Males are a bit more colorful than the females and h…Read More

  4. Scottsdale Jeep Tours Wildlife: The Javelina

    During a Scottsdale Sonoran Desert Jeep tour, there is a likelihood that guests will have many encounters with wildlife. Arizona is home to over 800 species of wildlife, more than any non-coastal state in the United States. The diversity of wildlife comes from Arizona’s unique ecosystems that are surprisingly rich with life.    Explore More Then The Desert One of the most unique Sonoran Deser…Read More

  5. Why Go On a Jeep Tour?

    Why should you go on a Jeep tour? Over the years, Arizona Off-Road Jeep Adventures has rapidly grown to become Scottsdale's #1 ranked, TripAdvisor Outdoor Activity. Our guided Scottsdale Sonoran Desert Jeep Tours are exhilarating 4x4 off-road adventures through some of the most beautiful and rugged Jeep trails in the state. Led by our team of professional Off-Road Tour Guides, guests learn about t…Read More