Our multi-day tours are customizable, depending on your needs and expectations for your trip in Scottsdale. They can be as simple as small guided tours of the city in between destinations, or as large as adventure tours featuring the stunning beauty of our national forests and more. If you’re looking for a shuttle service around town, we can keep you in style in our Jeeps, or we can go out exploring in the wilderness for all of the days of your trip here in Arizona. 

In-Town Event Options

We offer a selection of transportation services that make navigating Scottsdale in comfort easy. If you need a sweet ride to chauffeur you to an important event, we’ve got you covered. We can even provide transportation services to various corporate guests and personal guests, as well. Our transportation gives you the option to access unprecedented style in a vehicle without overpaying for limo services instead. Our custom Jeep Wranglers are made to make an impression in the wilderness as well as when you’re out on the town. 

Adventure Tours

With Off-Road Jeep Adventures, there are very few locations we can’t reach for you. If you’re looking for a unique and incredible desert adventure, there’s nowhere we can’t roam. We can explore ancient ruins, experience great hiking trails, discover the natural life forms of the desert, and so much more. 

Access an up-front and personal experience with the wilderness that acted as the backdrop to the Old West, and experience the modern way to enjoy the desert: off-roading in a custom Jeep Wrangler. 

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