Off-Road Jeep Adventures provides Scottsdale locals and travelers alike with a unique look at the natural beauty that surrounds us. We’re inspired by the desperados and outlaws of the Old West, because we can still see them kicking up the desert as they barrel across the vast landscape on horseback. We can feel the native people and how they shaped the land and appreciated the presence of nature in this space. We know how magical our habitat actually is, and that’s why we’re determined to share it with you. 

Desert Tours

Our desert tours are our pride and joy. They’re inspired by the various historical landmarks throughout the desert and the stunning national park that allows us to appreciate this land. We believe, there’s no better way to explore this landscape than while being tucked into a strong, capable Jeep. 

Our Jeep Wrangler is custom fit to be uniquely equipped to handle the rough and tumble trails that make this desert so fun to traverse. Together, we’ll bump and jive along unpaved trails that are meant to preserve the natural fall and rise of the environment while the desert sun warms us. We’ll feel the power of the Jeep’s engine and the incredible traction of the tires as it pulls us up and over seemingly impossible obstacles until we reach a panoramic view of the desert or some historically relevant landmark. 

Explore Scottsdale

This little desert oasis has become a beautiful part of the desert skyline, slowly building away from the wide open spaces into a beacon of modern comfort and man-made structure. Exploring Old Town Scottsdale can’t be done better than on the back of a segway and then through a quant walking tour of all the best sights. It’s the best place to start in our fair city. 

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