1. Experience The Desert, Unfiltered

    The Sonoran Desert has a rich background and adds to the culture of the area in Scottsdale. We’re not just another warm place to escape the cold, we’re surrounded by an incredibly unique ecosystem that has provided beauty for generations to enjoy. On our Sonoran Desert Jeep Tour, we take guests from around the world through the most scenic and rigorous desert terrain that you otherwise would n…Read More

  2. Why Go On a Jeep Tour?

    Why should you go on a Jeep tour? Over the years, Arizona Off-Road Jeep Adventures has rapidly grown to become Scottsdale's #1 ranked, TripAdvisor Outdoor Activity. Our guided Scottsdale Sonoran Desert Jeep Tours are exhilarating 4x4 off-road adventures through some of the most beautiful and rugged Jeep trails in the state. Led by our team of professional Off-Road Tour Guides, guests learn about t…Read More